Supporting Organisations

Supporting Organisations

Association of Insurance Underwriters (AIU)

AIU is a registered Underwriting Association of the Life Insurance Industry in India, formed in 2008 and is supported by all life insurance companies and is acknowledged by industry forums as an active and participative association committed to professional development of underwriters across all levels. The annual Know Your Life (KYL) seminar of AIU is generally attended by over 250 delegates from across the country.

Insurance Medical Officers Klub (IMOK)

IMOK is a registered body of Medical Officers working in insurance companies, committed to work in the field of insurance medicine.The objective of the forum is to provide lastest information, advances and statitics on prognosis of medical conditions in Life, Disability and Health Insurance context. It was intends to provide junior medical officers and underwriters an avenue to lear the finer nuances of Insurance Medicine.IMOK also aims at working in the larger interest of insurance industry in colloboration with similar bodies in many advanced markets.

Association of Insurance Claims Management (AiCM)

AiCM is the Claims Association of India for both Life & General Insurance Industry, which existed as an informal group for around 10 years before being officially registered as the Claims & Frauds Management body in 2013. It acts as the Voice of the Industry for critical Claims & Frauds issues. This association has helped bring together all the life and general insurance companies together, save millions of rupees by cracking fraud claims and even take criminal actions against the fraudsters.

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