Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies


“Association of International Committee for Insurance Medicine”, referred to below as “ICLAM Mumbai 2019” is committed to protecting the privacy of its registered users and visitors to its websites, and views the protection of personal data as being of fundamental importance to the operation of its business. Personal data of congress participants (delegates and guests) is held securely and is treated with the utmost care.

The personal information is only visible to the registered user and to three parties: the ICLAM Board, the Local Organizing Committees (LOC)of this and future conferences and the Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) that provides or supports the registration site.

Information about website visitors is stored anonymously in website statistics (PLESK-STAT), and cannot be related to individual visitors. However, they can be related to IP-addresses (see separate paragraph below).

Other information, available to all participants

ICLAM Mumbai 2019 is a network organization. Every participant will receive a list of all participants, stating their name, function, company and country where they work. during the conference pictures are taken. All pictures will be available to congress participants on a private section on the internet. On special request pictures will be removed. Pictures seen as unsuitable will be destroyed before publication, as ICLAM Mumbai 2019 sees fit.

Purposes of data collection

ICLAM Mumbai 2019 uses the personal data of participants to provide services to the conference participants related to this and future ICLAM Mumbai 2019 conferences, and to inform participants of developments in insurance medicine.

Particpants will use the list of participants and the pictures as an instrument for networking and a recollection of fellow professionals met at the congress.

Unsubscribing from services

ICLAM takes your preferences into account as much as possible in the provision of services and information. ICLAM allows you to specify these yourself through your own website account. If you do not wish to receive information from ICLAM that does not regard the ICLAM conference you registered for, you can unsubscribe at any time through your own account.

If you do not want to receive any services for this conference, we cannot perform our duties related to the conference and therefor cannot accept you as a participant.

Third parties

The personal information may never be passed to any other third party. Only the three parties mentioned in the introduction may see the information. The only exception is, when you have given explicit consent to send specific data to a specific third party. E.g. your name, company name, country and e-mail address is given with your explicit consent to the major sponsors of the conference. The third party receiving these data is not allowed to pass them on to any other party.

Viewing and correcting your personal information

You are entitled to be informed about the personal information ICLAM Mumbai 2019 holds on you at any time. If any information is incorrect, you can request the webmaster by E-mail to change the information. You will receive an official confirmation of the changes.

Browsing history and IP address

General information on visits to ICLAM websites is captured and stored without visitors being identified. The purpose of this is to improve the quality of the website and users’ browsing experience. This information can also be used to put targeted information on the site. This allows ICLAM to tailor its services to you.

ICLAM also uses your computer’s IP address for another purpose: protection of privacy by banning unwanted visitors and spam. The IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you browse the internet. This information can also be used to see how the website is being used and for analysis and reporting purposes. In principle, IP addresses are not linked to information that would identify you, unless you have given your explicit permission to do so.

ICLAM and other websites

ICLAM websites contain some links to other websites. ICLAM cannot accept any liability for the handling of your information by these parties. For further information, please read the privacy statement (if available) of the website you are visiting.


ICLAM Mumbai reserves the right to make amendments to this privacy statement. Please check this privacy statement regularly for the latest version of ICLAM’s privacy policy. However, after your registration, you will be personally informed about any amendments that you could your interests, to enable you to reconsider your consent.


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