Team ICLAM Mumbai 2019

Team ICLAM Mumbai 2019

The ICLAM Mumbai 2019 is an event held under the auspices of Association of International Committee for Insurance Medicine, a society specially registered for the purpose of holding academic conferences. Our registration number is 1890/2016

Following are the Board Members of the National Organizing Committee

National Organizing Committee

  • President: Dr. Himanshu Bhatia, Gen Re Services India Pvt. Ltd

  • Treasurer: Ms. Deepa Pandit, Independent Consultant,

  • Secretary : Mr. Mahaveer Chandiwala, Munich Re Services India Pvt. Ltd

  • Member : Mr. Ganesh Iyer , Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  • Member : Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar, RGA Services India Pvt. Ltd

  • Member : Dr. Asha Sapre, Swiss Re Services India Pvt. Ltd

  • Member: Dr. Shivani Sarwal, Senior Vice President Underwriting, Peak Reinsurance, Hong Kong 

Scientific Programme Committee

  • President: Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar

  • Member : Dr. Asha Sapre

  • Member (sub-committee) : Ms Gomathi V

Social Events Committee

  • President : Mr Mahaveer Chandiwala

ICLAM Board Members


Dr Rump (Detloff)

General Secretary and President Elect

Dr Teichmann (Gabriele)


Dr Strasser (Philip)


Dr Chouty (Fabrice)

Dr Guzel (Zuzanna)

Dr Kneepens (Robert)

Dr Villanueva(Ana)

Member with 3-year term

Dr Bhatia (Himanshu)



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